Twin Strollers


  • $495.00

Maclaren’s innovative design and engineering team have created a variety of Twin Strollers that can easily and comfortably sit two children while also maintaining a sporty or elegant exterior design.

Suitable from birth, Maclaren twin strollers are the lightweight solution for parents with two children. Designed with separate mechanisms from adjustable leg rests to reclining seats and retractable hoods, each child can ride in comfort and style. Parents can choose between the Triumph or Techno models and while each has their differences, both are fully loaded with comfort accessories and safety features that ensure your baby’s ride is a smooth one. 

None of our twin strollers weigh more than 27 pounds, and they can all easily be folded and tucked into tight spaces. They each have separate reclining systems that cater to the comfort and safety needs of each individual child. Choose one of the Exclusive StyleSets offers or pick between the Denim and or Scarlet-colored Triumph. Maclaren also ensures that these twin strollers are safe, sturdy, and durable as two young children can be quite a lot of weight to manage but these strollers are more than up to the challenge.