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Maclaren has been making baby strollers for more than four decades and that long-term experience has helped us as we consistently try to create new and innovatively designed strollers that meet all global safety standards. Maclaren’s diverse, full-featured strollers travel with your baby from birth through the toddler years with ease. Parents can choose between our variety of lightweight strollers that are perfect for parents who need a stroller on a daily basis and are easy to take on-the-go; or our variety of full-featured strollers which have safety and comfort add-ons that ensure your baby is snug and sound.

Our strollers have accessories that go above and beyond your average stroller and can come equipped with additions like adjustable leg rests, seat recliners, and height-adjustable handles. Struggling to find a stroller that can comfortably and safely fit your twins and two young children? Maclaren offers a small handful of elegantly designed and meticulously engineered Twin Strollers that not only easily fit two children or babies but are also sturdy enough to withstand some wear and tear and easily navigable despite the additional weight.

We also boasts a diverse collection of designer baby strollers that include collaborations with some of the biggest names in luxury such as BMW and Albert Thurston as well as gorgeously designed strollers decked in denim or designs from Cath Kidston.

Our one-hand umbrella fold makes our strollers simple to manoeuvre, carry, and store in compact spaces. We take great pride in our durability and design, ensuring that all strollers meet global safety standards.