Since the first baby buggy was patented in 1965, Maclaren has created products that stand for safety, quality, innovation, and style. As part of our design heritage, we are uncompromising in our standards that are the benchmarks for our industry. In 2012, we enhanced our safety features even further by moving to one Global Safety Standard™. Maclaren evaluated more than 50 countries where our products are sold to determine the highest standard for safety compliance worldwide.

This new standard means that all Maclaren buggies will include the following new safety features:

Tether Strap: Developed for added assurance to keep your stroller securely tethered to you no matter where you go.

Red Brake Pedal/Foot-Operated Linked Brakes: A single step brake pedal that locks and unlocks both rear wheels.



Infant System: A protective head and foot barrier that safely cocoons newborn babies, a standard feature of all our from birth strollers.

Global Safety Leader

Our design, style and innovation are uncompromising in our safety standards, which have become the benchmarks for our industry worldwide.




Safety Notices

Maclaren wants to keep you and your baby safe at all times. Learn more about improvements, changes and cautions in keeping you an expert in buggy safety.




Safety Accolades & Applause

As the leader in global safety standards, learn more about our efforts to keep your baby safe and creating benchmarks for our industry by challenging universal global safety standards. We are proud to share some awards along the way as well.