Safety Notices

Maclaren since November 2009, and as part of an awareness building initiative, has provided to consumers free of charge hinge covers for all Maclaren umbrella fold buggies for those customers who requested them. The wider initiative also provided customers enhancements in product markings and communication. The hinge covers may be used for those Buggies manufactured before May 2010 which used the old generation side hinge depicted below:


We wish to be clear and remind our customers that the hinge cover is not required for the safe use of the Buggy but is an additional safety measure in respect of the operation of opening or closing the stroller. Maclaren's existing products, including the models referenced in this message, not only meet but exceed mandatory safety standards globally.

Maclaren's old generation side hinge design continues to be widely used by many manufacturers within the industry and whose products pose an inherent risk of finger entrapment, no different to the hazards associated with any products with moving parts.

In May 2010, Maclaren adopted a leadership position within the industry in addressing the wider safety issues that surround nursery and juvenile products and will continue to do so. Maclaren continues to place safety as its top priority. In May 2010, Maclaren eliminated the potential risk of hinge related injuries for all buggies manufactured after this date. These products feature an enclosed side hinge mechanism with no entrapment points.

Consumers should at all times take care in operating any stroller or product with moving parts in line with the product's safety instructions as well as the warnings contained on the Buggy itself. This update is intended to be a timely reminder, nearly three and half years after the initial announcement in November 2009, for users to ensure that children are kept well away from the buggy during the opening and closing process. Under no circumstances should it be erected when the child is seated in the buggy itself.

Maclaren wishes to remind customers that hinge covers are still available. Maclaren will continue to offer these free of charge on request to any customers.

Hinge covers can be obtained by calling (203)-354-4400.