Product Registration

CPSIA Product Registration

Please register your stroller for safety alerts and product recalls here. The information collected through the CPSIA Product Registration is used to contact you only if there is a safety alert or recall of your product. We will not sell, rent or share your personal information. You can also register using the card provided in your stroller box.

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Basic Warranty

Maclaren buggies purchased from authorised retailers are automatically covered by a basic warranty for the first 12 months following the purchase. The warranty is honoured by Maclaren and our Authorised Service Agents upon presentation of proof of purchase. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for buggies used in normal conditions and in compliance with the instruction manual. The warranty does not cover damage caused by wear and tear, accident or negligence. Examples of wear and tear include: unevenly worn wheels, broken tubing caused by excessive force, the natural breakdown of fabric and colours after extended usage. The warranty does not cover buggies that have been repaired by a third party.

Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty™

To extend the Basic Warranty to the Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty, simply
register your stroller online within 45 days of purchase or within 45 days of receipt as a gift. Upon registration, the Basic Warranty will be automatically upgraded to the Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty. "Lifetime" is considered the period of use by the Registrant for his/her children and is non-transferable.
Maclaren values your privacy and will not sell or make available your name or contact information to any third party. The personal information we gather will be used to confirm that your stroller is registered when you contact an Authorised Service Centre/Service Agent. Your information also assists Maclaren to design better products and services, as well as to provide you with timely information on new products or notify you if there is a safety issue with your product.
As with the Basic Warranty, wear and tear resulting from daily use is not covered under the terms of the Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty. We understand that even the best cared for stroller can meet with an unforeseen or unexplained accident. If your Maclaren stroller becomes damaged, contact an Authorised Service Centre/Service Agent to handle the repair.
Please note: Maclaren product warranties are only honoured when the product is purchased through an Authorised Maclaren Dealer. Purchasing through an Authorised Maclaren Dealer ensures that you are purchasing an authentic Maclaren product that lives up to Maclaren’s rigorous quality and safety standards. To find an Authorised Maclaren Dealer near you, visit our Store Locator.