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As a premium British company at the forefront of innovating products for modern life, Maclaren is passionate about sharing what we do to help improve the world of parenting and our environment. Our heritage is inspired by British engineering and nautical traditions combined with our design ethos to create products with a commitment to redefining mobility. 


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M by Maclaren

Our fresh new lifestyle blog, 'M' by Maclaren, is where we share behind-the-scenes news, parenting tips as well as fashion and travel trends. Discover more of the products you love, gain consumer safety insight and learn about our latest global discoveries. We also present you with a first-hand glimpse into our archives, where you can explore more of our British heritage.



World of Maclaren

Explore the World of Maclaren where forward-thinking design and product innovation redefines modern parenting. Peruse our visual diary where our British heritage and sailing pursuits appear alongside our iconic strollers, playful toys, and holistic beauty products.