Newborn & Up Strollers

Finding a stroller that comes equipped with everything a newborn child needs can be difficult. But Maclaren’s full featured strollers for newborn-children-and-up are not only built to last thanks to thorough engineering and design work, but they also come with a number of amenities that ensure your newborn’s comfort.

Our strollers for newborns come with a fully-reclining seat, leg rest, and head hugger to support the child. These strollers also boast everything from raincovers and extendable visors to protect from the sun to foot muffs and a warm boot that will keep your newborn snug and safe from all the elements. 

Pick from a number of trendy designs for your strollers and feel comfortable knowing you are also getting a relatively lightweight stroller that is easy to transport and bring with you when you travel.

Some of our Twin Strollers are also designed for newborn children and like all of our strollers, feature the latest safety enhancements such as a brake pedal and a foot and head barrier that will ensure your child’s experience will be a smooth one.