Lightweight Strollers


An often underrated but important part of a stroller is its weight and travel flexibility. Parents want a stroller that is going to keep their baby safe, but they also want a stroller that isn’t going to be impossible for them to move around or carry if need. Maclaren’s lightweight strollers may not offer the same full array of accessories that the full-featured strollers do, but they are easy to transport and range from single to multiple position reclining seats to offer flexibility and comfort. We don’t offer just one lightweight stroller options either. Parents can pick between the Volo, the Triumph, and the Globetrotter, all of which deliver style, functionality, and practical storage for life on the move.

The Volo is our lightest stroller. Weighing just 8.8 pounds, the Volo is compact, easy to bring on vacation or long road trips, and easy for any parent to steer. It can fold right up and fit into tight spaces as well. The Maclaren Mark II, coming soon, is our brand new lightweight buggy. It is one of the most innovative strollers on the market, complete with four-wheel suspension, a carry handle, and a sun visor to keep the rays out of your baby’s eyes. The highly-anticipated stroller will come in four different colors and will be competitively priced as well. 

As with all Maclaren strollers, the lightweight strollers come equipped with the latest in safety features and meet all Global Safety Standards. These strollers may be light and easy to navigate, but their structure and safety were not compromised in order to make them slimmer. Instead they are easy for parents to use and also strong enough to assuage any safety concerns a parent might have.