Full Featured Strollers


  • $355.00

While Maclaren’s lightweight strollers are made for children ages six months and up, our full-featured strollers are suitable from birth and deliver superior performance and sporty style to parents looking for a combination of both. They also come stocked with new and innovative features that put the strollers on the cutting-edge of comfort and safety. Maclaren offers three different designs to choose from.

There are also a number of designer, full-featured baby strollers with unique and fashion-forward designs, as well as a number of popular Exclusive StyleSets available with full-featured strollers. This ensures that Maclaren’s strollers are excellent choices no matter what the parents’ priorities are when they go looking. Remember, safety is most important to Maclaren and all of our strollers come equipped with the latest safety features and are innovatively designed to ensure the baby stays safe and comfortable while he or she enjoys the ride.