Designer Strollers


  • $475.00

A stroller doesn’t have to be just safe or just trendy. When it comes to strollers, safety features and stylish designs are not mutually exclusive and Maclaren’s Object of Design strollers are a shining example of just that. Made for children for infants and toddlers, these strollers offer a limited edition collection that comes equipped with all of the latest safety features and they also feature inspired design that uses colors, premium materials, and collaborations with some of the most-recognizable names in luxury brands.

Parents can opt for strollers with designs from big names in luxury like Albert Thurston and Cath Kidston, or they can choose from a number of other inspired styles such as Nautical, Owen Tartan, Denim, and Zodiac. These styles are applied to Maclaren’s stroller designs and that’s how we are able to offer you all of the luxury and comfort that comes with one of the full-featured strollers such as the Quest, while adding a bit of flair with a denim or zodiac design.

Maclaren also offers a number of Exclusive StyleSets with these strollers and they are an excellent purchase for any parent looking for the all-in-one stroller and fashion accessories package. Don’t think of these strollers only by their design either, while design is important to Maclaren, safety and comfort levels for the child come first and Maclaren takes great care and pride in bringing parents strollers that meet or exceed all Global Safety Standards and also turn heads with their spectacular fabrics and inspired color schemes.