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Come inside our studios and see the creative process behind
your Maclaren products, one imaginative layer at a time.

Design Inspiration Video
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Is Your Buggy Ready for Its Close-Up?

Learn about the design process behind every Maclaren Product

If you’re a style and trend fanatic like the rest of us, you can learn more about Maclaren’s design process when you watch the video below, featuring our very own Design Director, Carolyn Komminsk.

Believe it or not, it takes a lot of runway-watching to design a Maclaren product. Our design team scours the planet in order to find the latest trends and translate them into a finished Maclaren buggy or accessory. Our tireless team doesn’t just take their design cues from the fashion world either; they head to trade shows in different markets, study the home décor industry, and even find inspiration in their own daily lives in order to conceive an always-in-vogue Maclaren product.
 Innovation. Enviable Style. Enduring Design.