6 Months & Up Strollers


 Not all strollers are alike and a parent with a child at least six months old may be looking for a stroller that is designed specifically to meet the child’s needs. Maclaren understands this and our lightweight strollers, with partially reclining seats, designed specifically for children ages six months and up are safe, sturdy, and still maneuverable enough to take on vacations and use for daily activities.

There are a variety of Maclaren models and designs crafted specifically to suit the needs of children at least six months old and each one is held to the highest safety standard while also styled to add flair and aesthetics to the stroller. Also make sure to check out our Exclusive StyleSets, many of which fit perfectly with the lightweight strollers and come with handy accessories that make life just a little bit easier and more organized for the parents.

These strollers boast innovative design and engineering as well as the latest in safety features and they are also cost-effective.